Hi, I’m SuperKMx. More accurately, I’m Kenneth A. Barnes, but that name isn’t particularly cool.

Trust me, I’ve done the research.

I write about video games on a freelance basis for a number of web-based outlets.
I’ve contributed to dozens of publications, including PlayStation LifeStyle, Nintendo Life, We Got This Covered, Push Square, and COGconnected. I was also previously the Editor-in-Chief at the UK-based Xbox site Pure Xbox.

Over the course of the last two decades, I’ve reviewed over 900 games, penned thousands of news articles, thrown together more than a few feature pieces, and have offended a respectable amount of people.

I’ve covered titles on every platform from the original PlayStation through to the PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, via the Gizmondo, Tiger Game.com, and Nokia N-Gage.

I'm also a "variety streamer" (that doesn't mean that I do magic) and stream games of all generations and genres over at twitch.tv/superkmx.

I’m a fan of the Oxford comma, I love the Dreamcast and the Neo Geo, and I live in Devon, England.