Hey there! Thanks for checking out my new site. Figured I’d throw together a quick “Hello!” post to kick things off.

This is a really simple site where I’ll collect all of my reviews and articles so that they can be found without having to dig through my millions of tweets or Facebook posts. It’s simple because that’s all it has to be. I don’t need to make advertising revenue and I’ve got nothing to prove here, so what you see is what you need (and get.)

I won’t be updating it every day or anything like that, but it’ll give me a space to write articles that maybe wouldn’t find an audience elsewhere or that aren’t suitable for publication by the outlets that I write for. I can also put together quick “impressions” articles or hot takes on big industry news without having to commit to writing 800 other news posts a day.



A few folks I used to chat with while I was streaming games for Pure Xbox have asked if I’ll be livestreaming stuff again. I’ve been meaning to get back into it for ages and haven’t found time, but the screenshot above proves that I’m finally on the case.


Even made an interface that isn’t super-confusing. I’m the only one that sees it, but hey…

I was playing around with some stuff for Twitch, but after using them for a couple of years, the service really isn’t getting any better.  The only benefit to Twitch over anything else these days is the fact that the brand name is synonymous with game streaming, so they have more traffic and more ready-made tools available to use from third parties. Given that getting listed on any of their directory pages is like pulling teeth for a new streamer, the higher traffic means nothing and given that I make my own tools to use on streams, that benefit is also nullified. Add that to frequent stream drops and their molasses-slow approach to implementing new features or fixing bugs and there’s really no reason to use them above the fact that everybody expects you to.

YouTube Gaming isn’t really getting up to speed either. I used them for a while and after a good while of being live, the service still feels like a confused and rushed bolt-on to the standard YouTube experience. There are next to no standout features for game streamers and the baseline features are wanting in a lot of cases.

I’ve switched to OBS Studio from standard OBS and created new overlays. I even recoded the contest tools and follower alerts and everything so that they’re more reliable and work on the platform I’ll be switching to: Beam.

The Beam devs seem to actually be interested in making their service better for everyone (small streamers included) and the service overall seems to be far better than the competition. From a development standpoint it is, for sure. I rebuilt Rafflebot (yay!) from the ground up for Beam in Node.js and coded up a new management interface and relatively simple chat bot in the space of a an hour or two.

It was always fun chatting with viewers as I fumbled my way through games that probably wouldn’t be covered by the mainstream and that, due to the nature of my work, I might have access to ahead of time. I’m planning on playing new release titles, older titles (all the way back to the original Xbox and PlayStation) and anything else that takes my fancy, really, on multiple platforms.

I’m also hoping to get started really soon!

If you’ve got any ideas for livestreams or features that you’d like to see, drop me a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.