Well, after lots of talking about it and never getting around to it, I’ve finally got a new project to announce.

Gaming The Comments (https://gamingthecomments.com) is a new podcast featuring myself (@SuperKMx) and Tyler Treese (@tylertreese).

After each writing about games for many years, we noticed that there are an absolute boatload of comments that gamers leave on our articles (and on other people’s) that are either staggeringly stupid or which are really good and could be delved into in order to promote some discussion about current gaming news. Obviously, the general advice from editors and the like is to not respond to negative comments on our own work, but there’s some good fun in providing verbal responses to comments we find on the interwebs.

Tyler has a great deal more podcasting experience than I (plus I need a new mic), so the first episode is a bit rough-and-ready, but you can check it out now. Let me know if you like it, if it sucks, what you did like, what you didn’t, and all that jazz. Also, if you find any comments or forum topics that would make for an interesting piece, or have any questions for Tyler or myself, fire us an email at mailbag@gamingthecomments.com.

We’re hoping to record a new one hour episode weekly-ish, with maybe a few guests here and there in the future, too.

You can subscribe to Gaming The Comments on iTunes by clicking here. Alternatively, listen online below, or grab it for non-Apple devices over at Podbean. Also, don’t forget to follow the official Twitter account @GamingComments.