If you’re someone who uses Twitter, then you might have spied the #GamesOfMyLife hashtag.

The goal is to list your favourite game from every single year of your life (based on their release date, not when you played them) and let me tell you, it’s a LOT tougher than it seems. You’ll think of one game that had you absolutely enraptured, but notice you’ve already got another of your favourites in place. What happens when you’ve got a retro game that you discovered recently, going up against one you played as a kid? And what the hell do we do with the Dreamcast, which had a stack of outstanding titles all hitting within a year or two?

Be prepared for it to take longer than you’d think.

Here’s what I came up with…

Give it a go yourself! Don’t forget to hit me up on Twitter and include the hashtag #GamesOfMyLife.

Hint: Wikipedia is handy for reminders of what came out when. You can start with your birth year (mine’s 81, so I was at this link) and run through each year’s relatively comprehensive list.